“How to use jackson-dataformat-csv, part 2”

Now that we know how to read CSV with Jackson…

  • While Jackson started as…

aka “No Need to Convert from Map to JsonNode”

Jackson works with All Kinds of Java Types

aka “Why is UUID.fromString() so slow?”


UUID uuid = UUID.fromString(request.getParameter("uuid"));

2.13: a bit smaller release again

aka “Why is String.format() SO slow?”


(Java micro-benchmarking with jmh)


(how to avoid unnecessary <ObjectNode> wrapper)

Reading XML into JsonNode with Jackson 2.12


(that is, “Hadoop Splittable”)

What is “Smile format”?

  1. It is a “binary JSON” format: it has the same logical model as JSON (has same value types) but uses binary encoding for compactness (smaller data size), allowing faster…

(the Transformative Tool)

Background: what NEW have I OSS’d lately?

(including use of fully custom exclusion filter)


Open Source developer, most known for Jackson data processor (nee “JSON library”), author of many, many other OSS libraries for Java, from ClassMate to Woodstox

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