Close to completing 2021 Blog Quota

aka 24 for 21

2 min readDec 21, 2021

One of my New Year’s goals — not a public one, just personal — for 2021 was that I would write and publish at least TWO blog posts every single month.
I am very close to achieving this goal: not counting this post (I could, but that’d be bit meta), I have written and published exactly 23 blog posts, 2 for every month so far except for December. And I fully intend to complete my December mini goal as well. :)
(yes, it is funny I stated it as “at least”, knowing it is unlikely I’d exceed it but… I guess I was feeling positive and ambitious late last year? :) )

At this point I will thank everyone for reading these posts, and suggest giving some feedback if you do (… or even if you don’t?) enjoy my writing. One thing that helps me find motivation to do blogging is the appreciation by readers, feedback: at this point mostly just my Medium stats, but occasionally actual direct thank you notes and comments — something I really appreciate.
There is little point to just write to yourself (except for therapeutic reasons I suppose, like diaries and such)

So, let me know “How is my writing?” !

And for 2022?

Turns out that writing even “only” 2 blog posts per month is a non-trivial commitment, at least at the level I want to write.
Not necessarily technically (no pun intended): I am not a particularly good writer. But regarding content, writing when I have something to share that I think is worth sharing. One challenge I have is that my self-critique level keeps on increasing faster than my competency and domain knowledge: I sometimes feel more and more that I have less and less knowledge worth sharing. This is where (mostly?) positive feedback helps tremendously, to combat this Mean Little Inner Critic that lives in my head (I think?). :)

Still: I will have to think of my goals for the next year. I don’t think I will commit to 2/month, 24/year numbers (this feels like bit too much right at this point) but I would like to have some sort of self-imposed goal.
And maybe figure out ways to perhaps write more often but producing smaller entries; something interesting but not something that has to take half a day to prepare and write (couple of hours each). Something that takes a bit more effort than a succinct tweet, but less time than what a typical 2021 Cowtowncoder Blog entry took. Perhaps with smaller snippets the total count could actually reach “two dozens” level?

Anyway: Happy Holiday Season to all my readers & thank you for all your support so far! Keep it flowing!




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