(5 Most Wanted features, XML module, Blackbird)

Jackson 2.12.0 was just released on November 29, 2020. It is another “minor” version — meaning that it should be fully backwards-compatible with previous 2.x versions — but packs in much more new functionality than 2.11 event though its development process took exactly as long: 7 months. So it is yet another big leap forward for Jackson 2.x series.

For full details of everything that is included in 2.12.0, please refer to 2.12 Release Notes page: this blog post is meant to give just a brief overview of some of most notably inclusions — after all, there are no fewer than 100 issues resolved (again, twice as many as 2.11!).

I also plan to write follow-up posts on most of the major features included in this post, to dig bit deeper. But first things first…


One interesting (and pleasant) change during 2.12 development process was the significantly increased rate of feature contributions by the Jackson community. Part of this coincided with Hacktoberfest 2020 — Jackson project had a quite successful participation this year — and I also blogged a bit more about Jackson project, but regardless of reasons this was the first time that the majority of major new features were NOT implement by yours truly.

To celebrate this milestone in external contributions, I decided to write a separate 2.12 Acknowledgments page to try to draw some more attention to great contributions and contributors (but please note that the full CREDITS file is the ultimate source on everything that is contributed).


There are not many noteworthy changes to compatibility — full notes, once again, on 2.12 Release notes page — but there are some incremental changes:

New Module: Blackbird

One commonly used performance enhancement drug for Jackson — Jackson Afterburner module — has been showing some signs of old age, regarding its compatibility with newer JVMs (JVM 11+) and especially wrt. access restrictions.

But thanks to the amazing contribution by Steven S (see Acknowledgments) there is now a fully-functional drop-in replacement: Blackbird module! Besides having a cool and thematically compatible name (SR-71 Blackbird is a supersonic jet; afterburner is a common technique for supersonic planes), Blackbird is designed to work better with newer JVMs using new constructs available (such as LambdaMetafactory).

Use of this module is very similar to that of Afterburner: that is, register the module and use ObjectMapper:

ObjectMapper mapper = JsonMapper.builder()
.addModule(new BlackbirdModule())
MyValue value = mapper.readerFor(MyValue.class)
.readValue(new File("stuff.json"));

While Blackbird does also work on Java 8, at this point it is mostly recommended for developers running on later JVMs.

Module Improvements: XML

One of long-term challenges has been properly supporting XML format: although jackson-dataformat-xml is one of the oldest format modules, XML as a format is also possibly the most difficult one to support (of ones supported) — its logical content model is surprisingly different from that of JSON and requires special handling.
As a result there have been difficulties in handling things like:

Jackson 2.12 improves handling of all these cases: for some, more future work may be needed still, but overall functionality is improved so much that if you have had issues with XML before, please make sure to try out 2.12.0.
I will write more about specifics on a different blog post.

Module Improvements: Other

Aside from XML module, 12 other modules had issues resolved. For example:

Most Wanted Features (5!)

One concept added recently is the tagging of “Most Wanted” features: this is done by adding “most-wanted” label (currently mostly on jackson-databind repo) to denote issues that seem to either get Github thumbs-up reactions or have been asked about often enough on other channels (mailing list, Gitter databind chat). While the mechanism is relatively new for Jackson project, the general idea of “most wanted” feature has been around for a while: a typical minor release has usually container one or two such features.

Jackson 2.12 contains no fewer than FIVE of Most Wanted features (“Jackson 5”? :) )

This is pretty cool on its own, but what is even more remarkable is that 4 out of 5 features were not designed and implement by me.

With that, these features are — in order of seniority (first requested first) — as follows:

I will blog a bit more about all of these, but here are some random notes:

Other Misc Features, Improvements

Aside from the “big five”, there are many other notable fixes, features and improvements (after all, there were more than 100 resolved issues). Here’s a sampling:

Plans for 2.13

With so much included in 2.12, is there anything left to do for 2.13 and beyond?

Ok just joking. :)

Even 2.12 left out couple of things that I originally hoped to tackle — for example, JsonNodeFeature (outlined in JSTEP-3) and possible @PreSerialize and/or @PostDeserialize method annotations (see databind#2045), both considered Most-Wanted features.
So what am I thinking about immediate future of Jackson development?

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