Jackson API beyond ObjectMapper

aka ObjectReader/ObjectWriter, JsonMapper.builder FTW

“Classic” Jackson API w/ ObjectMapper

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();// Changes to defaults: no fail on reading unknown properties;
// do use default indenting ("pretty-printing") mapper.disable(DeserializationFeature.FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES);
// and then read, convert, modify, write:
MyValue v = mapper.readValue(new File("value.json"), MyValue.class);
Map<String, Object> asMap = mapper.convertValue(v, Map.class);
asMap.put("extra", 123);
String jsonModified = mapper.writeValueAsString(asMap);

ObjectReader and ObjectWriter: light-weight and reconfigurable

MyValue v = mapper.readerFor(MyValue.class)
.readValue(new File("value.json"));
Map<String, Object> asMap = mapper.convertValue(v, Map.class);
asMap.put("extra", 123);
String jsonModified = mapper.writer()
ObjectReader defaultReader = mapper.reader(); // maybe with configs
ObjectReader valueReader = defaultReader.forType(Value.class);
ObjectWriter defaultWriter = mapper.writer();
ObjectReader indentingWriter = defaultWriter.withDefaultPrettyPrinter();

Safe(r) construction with Builders (2.10+)

ObjectMapper mapper = JsonMapper.builder() // more on this later
// can also define baseline settings for things we can reconfig:
// but mix-ins must be set before use:
.addMixIn(MixIn.class, MyValue.class)
JsonFactory jsonF = JsonFactory.builder()
// configure
ObjectMapper mapper = JsonMapper.builder(jsonF)

Format-specific mapper subtypes (XmlMapper et al)

ObjectMapper yamlMapper = new ObjectMapper(new YAMLFactory());
MyValue v = yamlMapper.readValue(new File("config.yaml"),
ObjectMapper xmlMapper = XmlMapper.builder()
.defaultUseWrapper(false) // use "unwrapped" Lists in XML
// note: we could have held on to XmlMapper, but actual use
// is via readValue(), writeValue() methods
ObjectMapper jsonMapper = JsonMapper.builder()
// non-standard setting for unquoted NaN values:

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