Reading CSV with Jackson

“How to use jackson-dataformat-csv”

First there was just JSON

Why and how is CSV different from JSON

Simplest, “untyped” reading of CSV as List<List<String>>

final String CSV_DOC = "1,2,true\n2,9,false\n-13,0,true\n";
final CsvMapper mapper = new CsvMapper();
MappingIterator<List<String>> it = mapper
.with(CsvParser.Feature.WRAP_AS_ARRAY) // !!! IMPORTANT
// If we want them all we use:
List<List<String>> all = it.readAll();
// or if not, we would instead:
while (it.hasNextValue()) {
List<String> row = it.nextValue();
// process

Almost as simple: reading contents as Maps, POJOs

CsvSchema schema = CsvSchema.builder()
MappingIterator<Map<String, String>> it = mapper
// NOTE: no wrapping needed
Map<String, String> row = it.nextValue();
assertEquals("1", map.get("x"));
assertEquals("2", map.get("y"));
assertEquals("true", map.get("visible"));
// CSV module defaults to alphabetic ordering so this is optional:
@JsonPropertyOrder({ "x", "y", "visible" })
public class Point {
public int x, y;
public boolean visible;
MappingIterator<Point> it = mapper
while (it.hasNextValue()) {
Point p = it.nextValue();
int x = p.x;
// do something!
// or, you could alternative slurp 'em all:
List<Point> points = it.readAll();

With a little help from The Header

CsvSchema pointSchema = mapper.schemaFor(Point.class);
CsvSchema headerSchema = CsvSchema.emptySchema().withHeader();
String CSV_WITH_HEADER = ...; // see example above
MappingIterator<Map<String, String>> it = mapper
// and read same as before

And That’s All For Now!

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