Restarting my blogging track

Ok. So it has been a while — about 2.5 years — since I last wrote a blog entry at I did not intend to stop, but thought to take a break. Since then, I have had “almost started blogging again” moments, but for one reason or another didn’t. One particular blocker has been that although Thingamablog app, and static hosting work fine in many ways, it is bit more work for maintenance that I would prefer; and editor functionality is quite unreliable. So I have hoped to find a hosted solution as replacement.

Which all leads to this: I am trying to see which of existing blogging platforms would work well for what I want to do. While I have kicked tires of other solutions, let’s see if Medium is up to task.

And now… back to writing. Stay tuned!

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Open Source developer, most known for Jackson data processor (nee “JSON library”), author of many, many other OSS libraries for Java, from ClassMate to Woodstox

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