Yes, that should work as-is for Properties, with default settings! Just read such input into matching POJO. Actually, given that properties entries conform to default schema settings (that is, defaults of what delimiters are used; are indices allowed and so on), you could even map it as Mapor JsonNodeas well. Properties module can be used for reading and writing content, similar to all data modules: it will “convert” between structured POJOs (trees, Maps) and dotted-notation (or, configurable to many variations) list of key/value pairs.

I am not sure about part wrt YAML: there is a YAML backend, which expected YAML encoded content using the usual Object/Array notations of YAML.

If you mean whether these two (or any other backend) may be combined the answer is yes: you can read Properties, but write as YAML or JSON or XML, and this would effectively do conversion.

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Open Source developer, most known for Jackson data processor (nee “JSON library”), author of many, many other OSS libraries for Java, from ClassMate to Woodstox

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